Welcome to Phoenix Maritime Protection

Phoenix Maritime Protection is a Security and Investigation company operated predominantly by British professionals, qualified and experienced in the Maritime and Non-Maritime sectors of the security industry, tailored to provide a competitive, super-efficient and immediate, user-friendly service to our clients on a 24 hour basis worldwide.

Our shareholders and staff are well known to a great majority of the Greek, Cypriot and Asian ship owners, as we have provided speedy and economic solutions for Maritime Protection to many such clients over the past few years.

Maritime Sector

We provide a fast and efficient service for the protection of all types of vessels from yachts to super tankers transiting the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, by dispatching tailor made teams of highly experienced armed or unarmed personnel to ensure your vessel is protected against ever growing piracy on the high seas.

Non-Maritime Sector

We provide highly professional teams for Close Protection of individuals, groups or venues in any part of the world, to ensure full protection of our clients against any kind of threat situation.

We provide a comprehensive Investigation Service for both corporate or private individuals, covering a vast range of services worldwide.

We are licenced to import, export, store, move and utilize arms under licence/permits in Malta, Heraklion Crete, Suez, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Oman.

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